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About Speaker

Aravind Putrevu is a passionate about evangelising technology, meeting developers and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has seven years of development experience.

Currently, he works at Elastic as Developer Advocate and looks after the Developer Relation function of India. Previously, he worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Sr. Software Engineer in Cloud Security Domain. He has deep interest in Search, Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech.

He is going to speak about Faster Go apps with open source APM.
In his free time, he plays around Raspi or an Arduino.


Me » Welcome Aravind and thanks for taking out time to share your thoughts. For the benefit of the readers of this blog could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do for a living?

Aravind » I’m Aravind. I work for Elastic as a Developer Advocate for India. I look after Elastic Developer Community and speak at various meetups and conferences. I’m a developer having deep interest in Search and Security.

Me » It’s so great to know that open source excites you so much. I am glad to know that your projects have been an interesting demonstration of Golang. Do you have any advice for a student or beginners getting into open source?

Aravind » Open Source is a great opportunity, especially for students. The chance of writing a snippet of code for a enterprise class product during your student days, opens up students to a different dimension. I know people who have contributed to open source in participating on programs like Google Summer of Code and shaped up their career wonderfully. You can also join their community to learn more about contributing.

Because, I work in a open source company, we have a lot of open source projects that one can pick and start contributing easily. For ex: Beats, APM Go Agent are few Golang projects, or take Elasticsearch itself.

To be clear, my recommendation for any student is :

  1. Pick a project of your choice depending on language or a domain on Github (but make sure it is not too boring or complicated to write code at least in the beginning)
  2. Go to issues tab in github, find issues labelled with tags like low hanging fruit or adopt me
  3. Comment on the issue, talk to the maintainer and discuss your approach to solve the problem
  4. If agreed from both the sides, go ahead & raise a PR :)

Me » That’s really nice Aravind. I am glad to see the recent rise in Open source culture in India and hopefully, if this trend goes on then we all would learn a lot from this. Can you tell us a bit about your projects in Golang?

Aravind » I’ve been following Go from quite sometime, I follow Just For Func YouTube Video tutorials for learning Golang. Francesc also have amazing projects on his Github, he used to work as a Dev Advocate for Google. Personally, I try a lot of experiments, my favorite is Beats framework. I don’t have any specific project on Golang.

Me » That’s cool Aravind, your projects are interesting. So when did you start working on Go and why?

Aravind » I started looking at Go 3 years back, when we were trying to solve a multi threading issue in a CPP project. Later, I learnt more from a Google DevFest, where speaker spoke about building a complex Ad Bidding Platform on Golang. He also cross compiled it for 3 platforms from the stage.

Concurrency, Package Management are some of the few.

Me » How excited are you about GopherConIndia?

Aravind » I’m very excited to meet the Golang community and see all the latest happenings. I’m also glad that I’m able to talk about Open source Go Agent which helps developers build better Go Apps.

Me » Do you have any other suggestions for our readers?

Aravind » Keep calm, Learn Go :)

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