Interview - Mofizur Rahman

Bringing to you with another short and brief interview conversation happened with Mofizur.

About Speaker

Mofizur Rahman is a Developer Advocate at IBM. His area of interests include container orchestration, microservices and blockchain.

His favorite programming language these days is Go. He also tinkers with Node.js, Python and Java. He is also learning and teaching in the Go, Kubernetes and Hyperledger Fabric community.

He is going to speak about Go Gotchas and Dealing with them “Like a BOSS”.
He is a self proclaimed sticker collecting addict and has collected several box full of stickers with no signs of stopping. He dabbles in photography sometimes.


Me » Welcome, Mofizur and thanks for taking out time to share your thoughts. For the benefit of the readers of this blog could you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do for a living?

Mofizur » My name is Mofizur Rahman. I am a developer advocate at IBM.
I have got the amazing opportunity to work with open source technologies and engage in the open source community as a part of my job. I look into technologies like Kubernetes and Hyperledger to learn and teach others.

Me » It’s so great to know that open source excites you so much. I am glad to know that your projects have been an interesting demonstration of Golang. Do you have any advice for a student or beginners getting into open source?

Mofizur » Go is my go to language now. It’s kind of the go to language for most micro-service architectures, and for good reasons. Docker, kubernetes, istio, containerd are all great examples.
I think a big misconception about open source is that you have to be a master programmer to get involved. There are many ways to help. From helping manage the community to help document new technology, all can be very valuable addition to open source. So advice will be to find something you like and get involved.

Me » That’s really nice Mofizur. I am glad to see the recent rise in Open source culture in India and hopefully, if this trend goes on then we all would learn a lot from this. Can you tell us a bit about your projects in Golang?

Mofizur » IBM as a company is a big believer of open source. We have many of our colleagues contributing to open source and helping the ecosystem grow. The projects I am most excited by is Kubernetes.
For my own stuff I play around with web dev with go a little bit. Go ecosystem is still maturing and we are always getting new things. But I believe go has the potential to be the language of choice for most backend programming.

Me » That’s cool Mofizur, your projects are interesting. So when did you start working on Go and why?

Mofizur » I heard about go and its creators. I am sure all the readers know. But go was created by the same people responsible for C, which is to date one of the best language for system programming.
So when I heard they chose to create something new I had to check it out. And I fell in love. Professionally I did not get to do much production work with go at the time. But I kept myself updated. Its a very interesting language that makes a lot of system programming easier.

Me » How excited are you about GopherConIndia?

Mofizur » I am super excited to be a part of GopherConIndia. I will be there to learn as much I am there to share.
I think I love the go community the best. They are in my opinion the most helpful and sharing community. Would love to see what happening with the Indian Gophers and how we can share our findings to make things better.

Me » Do you have any other suggestions for our readers?

Mofizur » If you are reading this I believe you already are in love with go. If you are not then I know you will fall in love. I am very fortunate to be able to be a part of this and I hope you can be too.
Happy Coding.

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